PCM Applications - Solar Cooling, Heating & Heat Recovery

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Industrial Applications

PlusICE solutions enable designers around the world to apply the PCM technology, stabilising heat loads and matching heat load and time balance for an economical and reliable operation. Loads in dairies, breweries and food factories can be simply balanced by PCM TES systems to suit the operating temperatures of the system to cut any waste energy.

Domestic Hot Water

Phase Change Materials added to a standard domestic immersion tank increase the hot water storage capacity many times over.

Solar Heating TES

The time lag between energy availability and consumption between the midday sun and hot water heating requirements is bridged by PCM TES which offers economic and efficient installation.

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TubeICE hot water energy storage

phase change material

Underfloor Heating TES     phase change material     phase change material

Installed Projects

Solar House Project USA

Built for the Solar Decathlon competition, the Solar House provides comfort cooling by simply storing cold night energy and heating by storing daytime solar energy, negating the need for any energy input. Solar House (860Kb). Part of the US solar decathlon competition designed to be self sufficent housing demostration installation using PCM to store heat (during day time for night use) and cold (during night for day use).

Passive cooling house

Commonwealth Games Village Australia

Utilising Solar TES. During the period of the Games, the requirements for additional hot water in order to cover the excessive occupancy level were increased dramatically. Commonwealth Games Solar TES (625Kb)

Tri-SLATE Solar PV, Heating & Cooling Integration

TRISLATE is a prototype for the next generation of solar collector. It provides heating, cooling and electricity in a coherent building fabric. The thermal function is up to 3 times cheaper than the installed solar water panels per kW/ therm.  For further details please contact our sales team.

Tri-Gen Applications

Utilising Solar TES. During the period of the Games, the requirements for additional hot water in order to cover the excessive occupancy level were increased dramatically.TRI-GEN (100Kb). Using PCM energy storage for HOT and COLD sides of a CHP / Co-Generation systems enable designer to reduce the size of the machinery and achieve the most economical installation and shorter pay back

Passive cooling house

DOHA Stadium Solar Air Conditioning Application for FIFA 2022 World Cup Bid

The winning big for the FIFA 2022 World Cup by QATAR is based on a zero carbon cooling design using solar driven air conditioning coupled with PlusICE PCM energy storage tanks. DOHA 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium Solar A/C System (1.6MB)

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar Refrigeration / Cold Storage

It is possible to convert the solar energy into either heat or electricity source to drive an heat or electric driven cooling machinery.

However, it is vital to bridge the gap between energy avaliability i.e. during day light and energy use i.e. during night-time and by using PCM / Eutectic solutions, one can store the excess energy while is avaliable during day peak periods within the cold space using PCM containers and tahn later utilise this stored energy when sun goes to down to keep the stored product safe. Hence, providing a relaible 24 hours uniterrapted cooling process.

A typical application can be seen in attached Solar Refrigeration Example.

phase change material