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We have recently introduced a specialised group of PCMs that undergo a solid/solid phase transition with the associated absorption and release of large amounts of heat. These materials change their crystalline structure from one lattice configuration to another at a fixed and well-defined temperature, and the transformation can involve latent heats comparable to the most effective solid/liquid PCMs. Such materials are useful because, unlike solid/liquid PCMs, they do not require nucleation to prevent supercooling. Additionally, because it is a solid/solid phase change, there is no visible change in the appearance of the PCM (other than a slight expansion/contraction), and there are no problems associated with handling liquids, i.e. containment, potential leakage, etc.

Currently, we have a range of solutionsfrom +25°C (77°F) upto +180°C (356°F), although we are in the process of developing the range further. For more information please use the contact link or email with details of your requirements

The prefix "X" in the product range stands for "Solid-Solid PCM Solutions"

phase change material

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