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 a) 2~8C but not with water using +4C ice for very high end medical applications

b) Ambient 20~24C using ice 18~24C we can keep the ambient products under control

c) Frozen –3 ~-34C  for special frozen applications

d) Dry Ice replacement –65 C ~ –78C ice packs filled with this cold ice to replace the dry ice usage

Road Transport

A huge percentage of our food is transported by road with refrigerated vehicles now commonplace. PCM technology offers both mechanical-refrigeration-free and back-up cooling options.

Eutectic Plates Catalogue

Eutectic Plate for Van/Truck Cooling

Cold Store Back-up                     Cold Storage

A power failure is potentially extremely costly in food storage. In countries with less reliable power supplies, PCM technology has been employed in warehouses to effectively soak the heat out of the storage area to ensure that the products remain unspoilt.

Cold Storage Load Shifting & Back-up Catalogue


Phase Change Material is now utilised in road, air and sea freight as a cooling medium that provides electricity free cooling solutions.

Latest range of ice packs : Eutectic Plates Catalogue

Marine Back-up Cooling

On some vessels, as soon as the engine stops, the refrigeration facility does likewise. These beams pictured right allow the temperature to remain under control.

Eutectic Beams

Eutectic Plates

Imagine a picnic cooler box, well these plates work in exactly the same way but on a larger scale and for a wide range of cold and hot temperature applications.

Latest range of ice packs : Eutectic Plates Catalogue

Temperature controlled packaging and transport

Electric-free Refrigeration & Food Display Cooling

Free cooling or heat-retention - utilised on food trolleys, salad cabinets and serve-over counters that are seen on public transport and the London Underground.

Solar Refrigeration Catalogue

Packaging - Pharmaceutical and Medical

Pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and blood products are temperature critical. PlusICE solutions are used by military organisations around the world for the packaging and transportation of medicine, blood and tissue.

Latest range of ice packs : Eutectic Plates Catalogue

Temperature Controlled & Storage Shipment (COLD STORAGE LOAD SHIFTING)

A number manufacturers and end user around the World applied our PlusICE range PCM solution for their conventional chilled as well as frozen product applications.

A wide temperature range provided by PlusICE PCM range enabled us to develop many custom-made solution for +2 ~ +8 ºC (36 ~ 46 ºF) critical medical shipment as well as the the recent requirement of +20 ~ +22 ºC (70 ~ 72 ºF) ambinet shipment requirement.

Latest range of ice packs:

Cold Storage Load Shifting

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