Custom Made Thermal Management Solutions

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PCM Products Ltd. offer full CONSULTANCY and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT services whereby we look into a) Performance b) Practicality c) Economical aspects of your design ideas using PCM material and come up with the best performance with the most economical design solution. Your idea would be best explored by carrying out a desktop study complete with an Executive Summary establishing whether there is any mileage on any of these ideas by looking into the design and providing practical data. 

We have carried out many desktop studies over the years for a wide range of companies & organizations around the World and gained extensive theoretical and practical experiences applying PCM solutions, often modifying / developing new PCM solutions to suit the application.

Should you wish to come up with a CUSTOM-MADE optimised solution for your application, we should be able to explore this avenue for you and see what we can jointly do.

We have many licensees using our PlusICE product range, either as raw material or manufactured product. Some of the applications are initiated by our organisation, but the majority of non-standard applications come from the minds of the end-user or developer.

To this end, please drop us a confidential e-mail to our group's President, Mr Zafer Ure, at, who would be more than happy to explore the possibilities of working together.

Please visit our Consultancy section for examples of some our application development works.

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