Custom-made PCM / Eutetic Solution Developments

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Although we have an extensive range of both organic and hydrated salt based standard PCM solutions which cover a wide range of applications, quite often we have to modify the PCM solutions to suit new and challenging uses required by the client.

We have acquired unmatched experience in altering and modifying the PCM solutions, of course within limits, to match a specific application such as altering the freezing and melting profile / temperature range to match the heat transfer surface area available for the products, thickening the solution so that the leakage risk could be minimised or even convert the PCM into powder, granule or even rubber forms so that it can be exposed to air and moulded to take any shape to suit the application

Our PlusICE range of products including FlatICE, BallICE, TubeICE, Eutectic Plates and Pouches enables us to develop and apply both organic and hydrated salt based PCMs for a variety of applications around the world.

Should you require a custom-made PCM solution for a specific application, just let our technical team know what you require and we would be more than to provide you with a feed back on what is possible based on total confidentiality.

Over the last two decades we have succesfully developed a wide variety of applications for our customers around the World and the relevant details can be see in the following examples and for further details just click the relevant pictures.

Temperature controlled transport

Phase change materials

Product Development:

To this end, please drop us a confidential e-mail to our group's President, Mr Zafer Ure, at , who would be more than happy to explore the possibilities of working together.