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Phase change material developmentPCM Products Ltd. is actively involved on R&D and new product development projects with many Industrial and Academic institutions around the World. Many UK and EEC funded projects have been undertaken either as a lead partner or supporting partner.




We specialise in Phase Change Material (PCM) technologies and offer specialised design, prototype and final production development services.

We offer full confidentiality from conception to completion and you should be able to save a considerable time and effort by talking to us at an early stage of the project.

We would be only too pleased to convey any experiences and know-how towards a successful product / application for your business. To this end, please drop us a confidential e-mail to our group's President, Mr Zafer Ure, at z.ure@pcmproducts.net , who would be more than happy to explore the possibilities of working together.

Some of the R&D project examples are as follows;

No Project Name Financed by Project No Description Period
1 ELATION FP6 FP6-508404 An Ultra Efficient, Low Cost, Light Weight, Thermal Insulation Material to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Refrigeration Equipment by 30% 2004-06
2 TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMME DTI TP/J3504 Mono-Cool Innovative Ventilation / Low Energy Cooling Systems 2007-09
3 TSB Q3082A Integrated Biomass Fuelled CHP/Cooling System 2008-09
4 HESTOR FP7 262285 Development of Thermal Storage Application for HVAC solutions based on Phase Change Materials 2010-12
5 LINK DEFRA AFM 280 Integrated Thermal Energy Storage in Food Refrigeration Equipment for Energy and CO2 Emission Reduction 2011-13
6 DECC Smart Thermal Storage Systems (STSS) 2012-13
7 SAM.SSA FP7 296006 Sugar Alcohol based Materials for Seasonal Storage Application 2012-14
8 HERB FP7 314283 Holistic Energy Efficiency Retrofitting of Residential Buildings 2012-16
9 NANOPCM FP7 200056 New Advanced iNsulatiOn Phase Change Materials 2010-12
10 RESSEEPE FP7 609377 REtrofitting Solutions and Services for the enhancement of Energy Efficiency in Public Edification 2013-14
11 THINFRAME FP7 603392 High Thermal Insulating Wondow Frames for Energy Efficient Building 2013-14
12 TSB 101609 Development of a Novel Low Pressure technique for Measuring the Air Tightness of Buildings 2013-14
13 DECC 110578 Advance Heat Storage 2013-14
14 Energy Catalsty Stage 1 TSB 102242 High Temperaure PCM/Brayton Cycle 2015-2017
15 Make it Lighter with Less  TSB 131821 Polymer Micro-Hollow Fibre Heat Exchanger 2015-18
16 Agri-Tech Catalyst TSB 131897 WelChic- Welfare Enhanced Living Consitions for healthier Chickens 2015-17
17 WaterGen TSB 132154 Micro-CHP using steamejector/water turbine 2016-2016
18 Improving food supply chain efficiency CRD - Competition TSB 102332 Low Grade Waste Heat Driven CHP Combined with Ejector System for Heating, Cooling and Power Generation in the Drink Supply Chain 2015-17
19 Low Emissions Vehicle Systems - IDP13 - Competition TSB 132761  Combined Water ProductionDew Point Cooling Unit for Low Carbon Vehicles  2017-2018
20 Improving food supply chain efficiency CRD - Competition TSB 102331 EnviroSave - Environmentally Cost Saving Efficient and Hygienic Humidity and Temperature Control System for Safe Storage of Meat and Poultry Products 2015-17
21 Efficient GeoTech TSB 132744 Low-cost Efficient Ground Source Heat Pump Technology with Enhanced Heat Transfer 2017-2019
22 PV/T System (China) TSB 102875 A High Efficiency, Low Cost and Building Integrate-able Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal (PV/T) System
 for Space Heating, Hot Water and Power Supply
23 RESSEEPE European Comm 609377 Retrofitting Solutions and Services for the enhancement of Energy Efficiency in Public Edification 2013-2017
24 TESSe2b H2020-EeB-2015 680555 Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings. An integrated solution for residential building energy storage by solar and geothermal resources 2015-2019
25 VULCANO H2020-Spire-2016 723803 Novel integrated refurbishment solution as key path towards creating eco=friendly & competetive furnaces 2016-2020
26 TubeICE H2020-SMEINST-1-2016-2017 778143 Passive Thermal Energy Storage based on PCMs for energy saving in air conditioning 2017-18
28 SWS-HEATING H2020-LCE-2016-2017 764025-2 Development and Validation of an Innovative Solar Compact Selective-Water-Sorbent-Based Heating System 2018-22
29 EcoPUMP Innovate UK-China 104019 A Novel Thermoelectric Heat Pump/Heat Recovery System for Low Carbon Buildings (EcoPump)  2018-20
30 BEIS 0001: Low Carbon Heating Technology Innovation Fund 1010 A low carbon heating system for existing public buildings employing a highly innovative multiple-throughout-flowing micro- channel solar-panels-array and a novel mixed indoor/outdoor air source heat pump  2018-2021
31 SolarHeatStore UK Guangdong Challenge Competition   586181 Compact Solar-Powered Thermal Energy Storage Battery (SolarHeatStore) 2018-2020

 - Thermal Energy Storage Systems for Energy Efficient Buildings. An integrated solution for residential building energy storage by solar and geothermal resources

The energy use in buildings has been estimated to be approximately 40% of EU total energy consumption The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive(EPBD) requires that all new buildings will have nearly zero-energy by the end of 2020, indicating that the low amount of energy that these buildings will require comes mostly from renewable energy sources (RES) [2]. In addition, RESadoption is crucial if Europeis to achieve ambitious energy and emission reduction targets. However, even though this need has been already identified, the uptake of RESin buildings for domestic heating and hot water is still very limited with a proportion under 1%. Due to this fact, there is a compelling need of encouraging energy efficiency in buildings, enhance green technologies and promote advance thermal energy storage solutions with the view to reduce radically energy consumption and minimize CO2 emissions.

TESSe2bproject will enable the optimal use of renewable energy and provide one of the most advantageous solutions for correcting the mismatch that often occurs between the supply and demand of energy in residential buildings. The target of TESSe2b is to design, develop, validate and demonstrate a modular and low cost thermal storage technology based on solar collectors and highly efficient heat pumps for heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) production.

The idea is to develop advanced compact integrated PCM TES tanks exploiting RES(solar and geothermal) in an efficient manner coupled with enhanced PCM borehole heat exchangers (BHEs) that will take advantage of the increased underground thermal storage and maximize the efficiency of the ground coupled heat pumps.

TESSe2b Poster

VULKANO -  Novel integrated refurbishment solution as key path towards creating eco-efficient and competitive furnaces

The main goal of VULKANO is the retrofitting of two types of industrial furnaces, currently fed with natural gas, applied on three energy–intensive sectors previously mentioned with a huge number of potential users in Europe. Thus, this project aims to design, implement and validate an advanced retrofitting integrated solution to increase the energy and environmental efficiency in existing preheating and melting industrial furnaces currently fed with NG; through the combined implementation of new solutions based on phase change materials, environmentally friendly refractories, co-firing of NG and syngas coming from biomass and an advanced monitoring and control system. All these solutions together will achieve a 20% increase in the energy efficiency of furnaces.On top of that, a realistic and powerful tool able to optimize the integration of the solution with upstream/downstream perspective, following a life cycle and cost thinking, will be developed and validated. This predictive tool will support plant operators and decision makers to select most suitable retrofitting strategy for their plants, fostering overall efficiency, increase in competitiveness and circular economy and reducing the environmental impact of the product value chain from an LCA and LCC perspective.